'The Torment Video Chronicles'

Torment 2023....Celebrating 20 years!

As you exit your car you feel a bit uneasy. The chill in the air bites to tell you fall has arrived.  It is the haunting season of Halloween.  Trees sway to the breeze and lifeless leaves blow across your path. It's just the time of the year.......nothing else. As you glance around, you notice all the fields have crops growing. But why not here?  All around is life.......but not here. Far behind you looms an old barn. The sun just faded away. Then you notice the gate. Is this a cemetery or what? You can't see far past the gate.....just shapes on the horizon. Then you hear the talking.....others are discussing the gate. The gate is the entrance. The entrance to what? Remember the old saying....."There is safety in numbers"
That does not apply here.

You dig your hand deeper in your pocket fighting the chill from the air. Darkness has set in as you crane your neck to see behind the gate. You know it won't be long now. Your turn is coming soon. A few lanterns flicker in the distance.......but they are spaced far apart. It is very difficult to see what is coming in total darkness, isn't it?
There is a path beyond that gate.  A long path.  It is dimly lit at best. A narrow path that leads somewhere far from where you are now. It will take some time to walk this path.  Anything can happen in the dark.

A chill just shot through your neck.  Your mind is beginning to race a bit, wondering what could be waiting down that path. It might be different if it was daylight. But there is no light.  Not anymore.  Now it is totally dark.

It is time.....time to cross through the gate. It is YOUR time to decide. Remember the chill. You have no idea of what Torments lie ahead. You feel beckoned to cross through, then a far off scream.....

What will you do?
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