'The Torment Chronicles'

Torment 2004....'Torment Unveiled'
Thomas Orment was a doctor of internal medicine as well as a great surgeon.  He loved doing what he did, but he loved his wife Helen much more.  When she was struck with an unknown illness, Doctor Orment made the decision to retire from his profession and move to the country.  There, the doctor would care for his wife and continue to work on finding a treatment to cure Helen.

He needed a space to work on his experiments privately, without interference or skepticism from his colleagues.  Contrary to his wife's' beliefs, Doctor Orment had not retired.  He was banished from practicing medicine by the medical community.  His stories and strange ideas about creating a formula which could actually 'bring back the dead' had disturbed some of the other doctors in his practice.

Orment claimed that all he needed was an accelerator to add to his serum and he would then be able to successfully reanimate the dead.  He claimed to have proof in his lab.  However, upon closer inspection by his colleagues, only the remains of a mutilated corpse could be found.  This alarmed the medical community and after numerous warnings about his peculiar behavior, he was exiled and forced to leave.

The doctor continued his studies in private at his new residence in Orion, Illinois.

The last entry to his journal was dated October 2nd, 1903:

"It has been very hard to deal with the loss of my dear Helen, but I have to continue with my serum if I am to ever be reunited with her.  Though I have tried and failed with all my experiments on over seventy cadavers, I have found the missing part to my solution. When the new enzyme was added, cell activity began at a very slow rate. I have dug all of  the bodies back up, and injected them with the new serum. As difficult as it was, I dug up my dear Helen and injected her as well. I am preparing to inject myself. The best I can estimate, the accelerator I have developed will take at least one hundred years before it will complete activation.  I would wait an eternity to see my Helen again."

Torment 2005....'Boundless Love'
Doctor Orment had injected himself with his serum long before he had died.  This seemed to be the answer he had searched for so long and unfortunately, he had injected his beloved wife, Helen, after she had passed.

Both had risen from the dead.  Doctor Orment seemed to have most of his motor skills and functions as he did before death and his facial features and skin were preserved, for now anyway.

On the other hand, his beloved wife had not been preserved.  Her mind and body......had been turned into a 'blood thirsty zombie' through the Doctors' serum.

And all the experiments he had done..........all the cadavers he had experimented on before he had died?  They too were rising from their graves.  All were rising and roaming about in search of food......fresh, warm, food......food with hearts still pumping blood.

Doctor Orment felt this urgency and called on an outside agency.........the 'Eugene Cracker Agency'.  Eugene Cracker was a 'Bounty Hunter'.  He had promised the Doctor that his team would come in and eradicate the problem with little to no publicity.  The Doctor also demanded that several of these specimens be captured for his experimentation to continue.

The Doctors' obsession never ceased.  He believed he could find the link that would restore his wife to her natural state before death.

So, relentlessly, he continued........day and night........

"There must be a link somewhere.........somewhere in this madness.  I just want to be alone with my Helen.  She will be beautiful again.  She is hungry.  I must feed her now."

Torment 2006....'The Turning'
Doctor Orment was not thinking straight.  His mind was deteriorating........along with his body.  He had discovered yet another serum and was using it on himself.  This seemed to help but he had to inject himself several times a day now.  Saving his poor Helen.........was hopeless.  She had gone totally insane and the Doctor could no longer bear to see her in this state.  She is now resting in 'CloverDale Cemetery'.  As for the Eugene 'Cracker Agency'........only one member of the team escaped and Mr. Cracker himself was bitten and did not survive.

The news had spread across the country but no one had stepped up to actually help.  Not until Doctor 'Gunther E. Vilstein' contacted Doctor Orment.  Doctor Vilstein had similar interests as Doctor Orment and was a specialist in micro-organism diseases.  He convinced the fading Doctor Orment to open a clinic as a sanatorium and use 'fresh' patients.  There was something in the serum that was reacting with the dead and Doctor Vilstein urged to start at 'square one' and use uninfected people to find the discrepancy.

Doctor Orment agreed and gave Doctor Vilstein complete control.  He had deteriorated so much that he was quarantined to a small lab in the new 'sanatorium'.  The lab door was locked.  That is when Doctor Orment turned. 

Two days later, Doctor Vilstein found the door splintered in half and the lab destroyed.  Doctor Thomas Orment was missing.

Laying on the floor, among the chaos, a small recorder.  Doctor Vilstein hit the play button:

"Need to inject again.............feeling so powerful........must eat..........my teeth.........growing............must eat................must eat now!"

Torment 2007....'Obligatory Renovation'
Since the disappearance of Doctor Orment, Doctor Vilstein was struggling to continue the research that had been left for him .  He was realizing that the lab in Hidden View Sanatorium was not sufficient to continue his work.  There just wasn't enough room and he needed more equipment for in-depth experimentation.  Doctor Vilstein also felt that his research lab should be relocated to an area more secluded and out of sight of the other patients.  (No need to cause more problems for himself by allowing patients to witness any possible wrong doings.)

He discussed all of this with Nurse Payne, his lead nurse, and decided they should take a walk through the property and seek a new location for the research lab.  As Doctor Vilstein walked through the woods with Nurse Payne, they noticed a lab coat laying on the ground.  Doctor Vilstein stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Nurse Payne with confusion that turned to jubilation.
"I believe this belongs to Doctor Orment.  He must still be out here in the woods!" said Doctor Vilstein, as he reached down and picked the lab coat up. "Doctor Orment, Doctor Orment!" called out Doctor Vilstein.  "Wait Doctor, Wait........what if Doctor Orment is different now?  Are we safe out here alone?" she asked.  "Hmmm...........it is starting to get dark...........come along, Nurse Payne, come along now...............we must hurry back to the sanatorium.  We will come back later, with the security team, for safe measure!  Now hurry along"!  Doctor Vilstein said.

Nurse Payne caught up to Doctor Vilstein.  As they rounded a corner, several hundred yards from Hidden View Sanatorium, they noticed something laying on the ground.  What could that be? 

Torment 2008....'Where is Susan?'
Susan cursed to see her cell phone battery dead.  At that very instant a large deer crossed her lane stopping to gaze into her oncoming headlights.  Jamming her brake to the floor sent the vehicle into an uncontrollable skid as it careened into the deep gully.  Then silence as the deer loped on its' way across the road. 

There were only a handful of cars on the road that early morning.  No one had seen a thing.  Far below, in the gully, Susan Lockhart lay battered and unconscious on the floor board of her car.  As the darkness became day light, Susan would not be missed for a few days or more.  She was on vacation from her home town of Cleveland for a surprise visit to see brother who lived in Seattle.  He had no idea that she was coming to visit.

Susan awoke to the rays of the setting sun gleaming through her shattered windshield.  She could hear water running as she noticed the large cut over her right eye.  Her head and ribs throbbed with pain while she crawled out of the twisted wreckage.  When she splashed some creek water on her face, she noticed the culvert.  It seemed to be her only escape due to the position of the car.  Wearily, she made her way down the large culvert falling several times in the cool creek water.  She reached the other end of the culvert and realized she was now standing in a vast wooded area.  In the distance, Susan could see high fences and a sign.  Her heart raced as she thought to herself how she had survived this ordeal.  She tried to hurry knowing there just had to be someone there to help her.

The deserted vehicle was located several days later along with Susan Lockharts' identification and personal belongings.  Investigators were baffled.  A wide spread search has yielded no trace of her whereabouts.

Torment 2009....'Playtime for Janitor Jed'
Janitor Jed continued mopping up and cleaning away the 'bile' left behind from Friday's experiments.  The pay was no more than room and board, but Jed never complained.  He actually liked his duties because they made him feel 'accepted'.  Jed had always wanted to 'fit in' and he felt like he was at home now.  As Jed walked through the lab he stopped to look at one of the cadavers that was laying on a gurney.  The left arm was hanging down uncovered.  Hand quivering, he reached out and touched the skin on the arm.  Jed jerked his hand back and started pushing his mop and bucket back to his quarters........his work was done for this day.

Everyone at the lab was gone on Saturday which left Janitor Jed all alone to do his chores.  He had the whole place to himself.  No one watching him.  The only other duty he had was to take his medications.  Janitor Jed was still a patient at 'Hidden View'.  The staff had entrusted him because he had improved so well over the last six months.  It has been awhile since he has taken his medications............quite awhile.

It was getting close to 2PM and it was hot outside.  Janitor Jed was restless as he tried to nap in this heat.  He was sweating and his fan blew nothing but hot air across the room.  His room smelled from his body odor and unchanged sheets.  The fly's were having their way with Jed's unfinished lunch.

Janitor Jed sat straight up on his cot.  Had he heard something?  The only other people on the grounds were security..........the rest of staff were in the main buildings and security never came out to the lab on the weekends.  There it is again.  Janitor Jed stood up.  He was sure he heard something this time.  Was that a cry for help?

Janitor Jed was startled by the pounding on his door.  He walked over to the door and looked outside.  His heart raced as he pulled the door open.

There was a twinkle in Janitor Jed's eyes.

Torment 2010....'The Letter'
April 1st, 2010

ATTENTION:  Research and Medical Staff
Hidden View Research Laboratory
1200 Avenue
Orion, Illinois   USA

To Whom It May Concern:

I was the assistant Scientist & Physician under Doctor Orment for three years.  I abruptly left several years ago due to health
issues.  I just hope someone will read this letter and take action..........before it is too late.

Just before I left Hidden View, I found Doctor Orments’ skeletal remains in the hydrochloric acid tank and removed a finger bone sample for research.  It seemed very odd to me that the skeleton frame had not dissolved.  I tried to focus on my research but
was finding it increasingly difficult to continue.........I felt like I was changing.........my thoughts, ideas, reactions..........all seemed
to be changing.  I actually thought I was losing my mind.  I had cravings............cravings for .......well.......just unthinkable cravings.
Anyway, I had to leave...........I had to get away from Hidden View.........and try to get by sanity back.

I kept the finger bone sample from Doctor Orment.  The research I wanted to do has now been completed.  Are you all aware
that the acid tank was leaking?  Before I left, I went back to that tank and it was empty.  I believe that the contents of that tank
leeched into the ground and has corrupted the water table out there.  The DNA from Doctor Orment was in that tank!
The skeletal remains are still in the quarantine sector........correct?
I cannot stress how essential it is to keep those remains in quarantine.......forever.
My research shows that everyone  may be infected with the elixir that Doctor Orment concocted. 
DO NOT drink the water.........DO NOT touch the water............or you WILL become infected! 
This is what happened to me.............and I believe that there are stages to this infection.......
possibly.......even.......regeneration.......after death.......
into something else. 

Doctor Gunther E. Vilstein
Director of Research
Vilstein Microbiological Institute

757 W. WEYTH

Torment 2011....'Winds Woods'
The mill officially opened in 1911.  Agnes inherited the land in 1904 from her uncle, Thomas Orment.  She and her husband, Henry Winds, had dreamed for years of having their own business together.  Henry was a craftsman with wood.  He could build any kind of furniture and did so for years with the help of Agnes.  But the work was tedious and time was limited because Henry had to work other jobs as well to make ends meet.  This was a golden opportunity for the Winds family and with Henry at the helm and Agnes by his side, 'Wailing Winds Salvage Mill' grew to be a nation wide furniture manufacturer.  It is on occasion but rare to find some of their furniture today in antique stores.  Look for the big 'WW' logo burned into the wood.  The 'WW' would have stood for 'Winds Woods'.

So why did they name the mill' Wailing Winds Salvage Mill' instead of just plain 'Winds Woods'?  Agnes always said they would never touch the 30 acres around the mill because she loved the trees and that in the fall time they seem to be 'wailing' when the breeze went through them.  Henry also loved the trees.  He claimed that the wood he used was being 'salvaged' to make furniture.  Henry passed away in 1948 and Agnes kept the mill going with the other workers until it closed finally in 1959, a year before Agnes died.

Wailing Winds Salvage Mill never reopened.  It has been abandoned for all of these years.

Some folks say they have heard noises and others say they have seen lights.

That is just plain crazy.

Those old buildings have been empty for over 52 years!  The mill area is all fallen in, that is what people are hearing.......
the noise of those buildings falling down!  There is even an old well pump area that is falling apart.  Seeing lights?  There isn't even any power over there..........I don't think.  They really should just tear them down.  They are unsafe anyway.  Unfortunately, I am unable to give any updates as to paranormal activity or any activity for that matter.  The buildings are just too unsafe to investigate.  While I was there, I saw and heard NOTHING.

Look people, it is just an old mill that cut wood and made furniture and it closed 50 some years ago.  This is no landmark.  Just an old mill.  I really get tired of these wild goose hunts. 

Here is the best advice I can give you:  DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR!

UNTIL NEXT TIME....................

Chuck Bellimy
Investigative Reporter

Torment 2012....'The Genatath 1200'
During a closed 'invitation only' demonstration held at BioTath Industries, the 'Genatath 1200' was reportedly, 'remarkable', to say the least.  According to sources who witnessed the demonstration, specifications for the power source of this incredible generator were not made available due to patent verification, but hopefully notification would be soon to follow. 

The 'Genatath 1200' generator is powering 67% of the facility at BioTath Industries.

It uses no known fuel source.

A spokesman for BioTath Industries, Professor Charles Tathington, stated that the generator was just the beginning and was still part of the 'testing' stage, and that it was only just the 'tip' of the iceberg of what this innovative technology could do for the future of mankind and beyond.

Those who did attend the demonstration eagerly asked Professor Tathington for more information about the mysterious power source used to power the 'Genetath 1200' generator.  Tathington ended the demonstration with the following statement:

"My fellow colleagues, as one may have heard that the future is only visible through the view of a crystal ball, one may also find that the future is visible by removing the ball completely.  Good day and enjoy the brunch."

Torment 2013 - Decade Edition....'What is Tathite?'
Tathium is a very powerful and stable substance created in the lab through biogenetic technology.  This synthetic element can be in a crystal form or even a liquid and is somewhat radioactive.

Tathite, on the other hand, is very unstable and highly radioactive.  The mining process to extract Tathite from the earth is labor intensive and quite dangerous.  All mining is controlled by nuclear and federal regulations. There are no Tathite mines in the United States.

In the raw form,Tathite veins look like crystals and emits a 'green' hue noticed mostly in darker environments.  Some miners have called Tathite 'earths rock candy'.  It is not fully known how Tathite is actually formed or what the effect would be on humans or the environment if ever released.

Hopefully, this explanation answers most of the questions about Tathite and now everyone can sleep much better.  Rest assured, Tathite is too unstable and dangerous and that is why it is forbidden to mine Tathite in the United States.  Any use of this highly radioactive element is used only in controlled laboratory environments.

Torment 2014....'Coast to Coast'
Dave Slayman could always be counted on to get the item wherever it was going, and on time as well.  He owns 'Slayman Brothers Shipping Company'.  Dave does not actually have any brothers, he just thought the name sounded better....like his company was bigger by having more names in the title.

Truth is, poor Dave Slayman has a very small shipping company and currently has only one client.  BioTath Industries.

"Um, yah.....I think by next year at this time, I can deliver 'coast to coast'.  I got some new workers to help me...you can come and see how my crew has grown......right Bob?  Sorry, got to go, one of my workers tripped, man down."

Torment 2015....'Who are the Tormentors?'
Some say they were raised in the 'Youth Farm'.  Some say they were the offspring of workers on the grounds from  'Wailing Winds'  or 'Hidden View Sanatorium' or maybe from the patients.  Some even go as far, can you believe, as to suggest they are some experiment gone bad conducted by 'Biotath Industries'!

Those who claim to have seen them say they conceal their identity.

Whatever everyone is saying, it's not a good idea to roam through the woods out there after dark.

Ahh.....It's probably just another rumor!

Torment 2016....(now refer to Video Chronicles)
As you exit your car you feel a bit uneasy. The chill in the air bites to tell you fall has arrived.  It is the haunting season of Halloween.  Trees sway to the breeze and lifeless leaves blow across your path. It's just the time of the year.......nothing else. As you glance around, you notice all the fields have crops growing. But why not here?  All around is life.......but not here. Far behind you looms an old barn. The sun just faded away. Then you notice the gate. Is this a cemetery or what? You can't see far past the gate.....just shapes on the horizon. Then you hear the talking.....others are discussing the gate. The gate is the entrance. The entrance to what? Remember the old saying....."There is safety in numbers"
That does not apply here.

You dig your hand deeper in your pocket fighting the chill from the air. Darkness has set in as you crane your neck to see behind the gate. You know it won't be long now. Your turn is coming soon. A few lanterns flicker in the distance.......but they are spaced far apart. It is very difficult to see what is coming in total darkness, isn't it?
There is a path beyond that gate.  A long path.  It is dimly lit at best. A narrow path that leads somewhere far from where you are now. It will take some time to walk this path.  Anything can happen in the dark.

A chill just shot through your neck.  Your mind is beginning to race a bit, wondering what could be waiting down that path. It might be different if it was daylight. But there is no light.  Not anymore.  Now it is totally dark.

It is time.....time to cross through the gate. It is YOUR time to decide. Remember the chill. You have no idea of what Torments lie ahead. You feel beckoned to cross through, then a far off scream.....

What will you do?
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