Located at 5030 N. 1200th Ave.  Orion, IL
Directions from the Quad-Cities Area:
Take US 150 south to Orion, turn left on 11th Ave. (between the two gas stations) heading east through town to the stop sign.  (Orion High School is in front of you).  Turn right and follow the road out of town (east) a quarter mile to E. 400 St.  Turn right, continue 2 miles to 1200th Ave.  Turn left (east) continue about 1 mile…Torment at Twelve Hundred is on the left (north).

Directions from Chicago Area, Exiting I-80, & Geneseo Area:
Take IL-82 south, turn right onto Henry County Rd 14 (N. 1400th Ave) Continue west to Osco Rd. (E. 800th St.) Turn left (south) go through Osco, and then another 1/2 mile to N. 1300th Ave / Rd. 32 (painted corn crib) turn right (west) stay on this towards Orion.  Turn left on E. 400 st. continue 2 miles (south) to 1200th Ave. turn left (east) continue about 1 mile, Torment at Twelve Hundred is on the left (north).

Directions from Kewanee Area:
Take IL-81 west through Cambridge, then right (north) on Osco Road to 1200 Ave.  Turn left on 1200 Ave. for about 3 miles crossing over I-74.  Go another 200 yards.  Torment at Twelve Hundred is on the right (north).

Directions if you are traveling on I – 74:
Take exit # 24, (the IL-81 to Kewanee/Cambridge exit), go west for about half a mile toward Lynn Center, Turn right on East St and go north for 2 miles.  Turn right on N. 1200th Ave.  Go east about 1 mile, Torment at Twelve Hundred is on the left (north).
TORMENT GPS:  41.324798, - 90.337351
Directions to TORMENT
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TORMENT GPS:  41.324798, - 90.337351
TORMENT GPS:  41.324798, - 90.337351